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About the Brand


Secrid, a pioneering brand in the realm of wallet design, seamlessly merges industrial design and fashion in the pocket-sized essentials they create. Their practical and innovative product line, from the Secrid Cardprotector to the Secrid Miniwallet, has won multiple international awards for quality, protection and functionality while becoming a best-seller at many stores across the globe (including ours).

The brand's story dates back to 1997 in the Netherlands when founders René and Marianne set out on a mission to redefine the traditional billfold wallet to better suit the increasing number of cards being carried. The result was the very first Secrid Wallet - a sleek, slim and stylish design with impeccable craftsmanship, durability, easy card access and RFID protection. Fast forward today and Secrid Wallets are still consciously made in the Netherlands with the same care and premium materials.

Man holding a Secrid Twinwallet in Vintage Tan colour

Iconic wallets and the perfect all-rounders

Compact in size and surprisingly large in storage capacity. Secrid wallets come in a wide variety of styles and colours to fit every pocket. 

Women holding a Secrid Miniwallet in Twist Green colours

A family business built on creativity, driven by values

Secrid is a 100% owned family business. Everything they do, from people to planet to product, comes back to family values and providing quality products.

Quality-First Approach

NYLA Fresh Thread represents exceptional quality and a commitment to exceed expectations with both comfort and style.

We take great pride when sourcing our products, only selecting trusted and proven brands - Canadian where possible - that offer the same quality-first approach. We are proud to stock Secrid items at our store.

All of the Secrid items we have available online are sold at and shipped from our Downtown Nanaimo store. Make sure to stop by on your next trip to Vancouver Island!